About Me

Connah Woodley-Millard
25 years old
HNC Photography Level 5

Hello my name is Connah Woodley-Millard, I am 25 years old. I am a self taught photographer who started professionally August 2020. I’m currently doing my level 5 in HNC photography to develop my skills further and get a deeper understanding for my passion in life, photography.
My favourite style of photography is portraits and helping people build there portfolios to a high standard of quality.

I try to keep my Portfolio on here as up to date as possible for everyone to view but I also have plenty work to be viewed on my Instagram and Facebook pages.

If you would like to contact me for a photoshoot or collabaration you can get hold of me at:

Email – Connahwmphotography@gmail.com
Phone / WhatsApp – 07399782840


Costa Car Trader Magazine

I’ve done multiple photoshoots for the Costa Car Magazine in Spain for various articles and front page pictures for multiple editions.

Wedding Dress Designer

I’ve done a photoshoot for a dress designer to show off the dresses that she’d created.


I’ve done multiple photoshoots with experienced and beginner models to build there portfolio to a high standard to attract more clients.


I’ve covered events in the UK and Spain, some include tattoo conventions in the UK and Car meet-ups in Spain.